‘We gave the community half a chance, and they gave us half a chance. We never regretted the decision to stay.'
— Joanne Dove Prisley, AB '53, MA '54

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Top Bobcat groups to join online

By Lindsay Ferguson, BSJ '10; Megan Greve, BSJ '10; Beth Lipton, BSJ '11; and Samantha Pirc, BSJ '10
Illustrations by Brian Raszka

As college students, we have to admit it: We love Facebook.

For us, Facebook — the ultimate online social network — can be addicting, and signing on is an almost daily ritual. We use it to chat, to share pictures or to send out party invites. Honestly, a lot of times we use Facebook as an excuse to procrastinate, but sometimes it has legitimate uses, like getting people to take a survey for a class or staying in touch with friends.

Facebook can be used to create groups that bring people together over a common cause or, in some cases, nothing more than a good laugh. We've sorted through hundreds of different Ohio University group pages to find the funniest, most unique ones out there for students and alumni to join. One thing we've learned: If something is talked about or well known at Ohio University, chances are someone has created a group for it. From a petition to install a ski lift up Jeff Hill to a fan page for an econ professor, we've picked our favorite groups to share.

So if you're looking for a laugh, we've got you covered. If you're looking for more official university news however, we suggest checking out the university's Facebook site, and the Alumni Association's as well.

Ohio University Intramural Quidditch Team

We should probably start out by explaining that, as far as we know, Ohio University didn’t enroll any wizards in its most recent freshman class. There are, however, some dedicated “muggles” (or ordinary human beings) on the campus who are determined to start a league of intramural Quidditch. A fictional sport in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series, Quidditch involves two teams on flying broomsticks, four balls and two elevated ring-shaped goals. In 2005, Middlebury (Vt.) College adapted Quidditch rules and created a league that has since blossomed into the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association, with some 200 participating institutions. Ohio’s Facebook group gauges student interest in forming an intramural Quidditch league, and while the process is in the works, members receive updates and information about pick-up games.

The Greenery Ohio University

For those of you who remember Brainstompers or celebrated Wednesdays with quarter draft night, this one’s for you. For those who don’t … you missed out on the good old days at this uptown hangout. “When you run across people who went to OU during its time, you will invariably share Greenery stories,” says Mark Morano, BSC ’96, former head bartender and creator of this Facebook

group. A decade after the bar closed, people are still posting their fond memories (or lack thereof) of dancing the night away in the sludge that covered the floor at “The Cheese” — a nickname the Greenery earned due to the cheesy pick-up lines flying back and forth between its notoriously young patrons. Alumni looking to relive their glory days should check out the discussion tab, which includes pages dedicated to the ultimate Greenery playlist, favorite booths and, thanks to Morano, the recipe for the original Greenery Brainstomper.

Students for a Ski Lift on Jeff Hill

If you’re like us, you learned your lesson the first time. Recall the first day you stood, staring up at nature’s cruel joke on Ohio University students: Jeff Hill. Regardless of your method for climbing the beast (torturous incline vs. seemingly endless steps), once you reached the top, huffing and wheezing, you swore the only time you’d ever face the hill again was to walk down or sled down on a dining hall tray. Of course, there was that one person who zoomed past, smoking a cigarette all the while (there's a Facebook group for that too). But you can’t take it personally. It’s not you, it’s Jeff — the ultimate test of endurance and stamina, and as close to Olympic training as many of us get. (And until the university installs a ski lift, we’ll stick to long detours and the Glidden Hall elevator, thank you very much.)

Bring a LIVE Bobcat to Ohio University!

According to Ohio Athletics tradition, there once was a live bobcat mascot. “Sir Winsalot” was introduced in 1983 and lived at the Columbus Zoo until his death. May Sir Winsalot rest in peace, but this group thinks it’s about time this Ohio sports tradition was revived. We can just imagine the roar of the crowd as Rufus walks out onto the field or court with his new friend, a live Lynx rufus, during an epic Ohio sports battle. Members of this group argue that other universities, such as Louisiana State or University of Texas, have real animal mascots — a tiger and longhorn steer, respectively — so realistically, Ohio could follow suit. Even if we can’t bring a real bobcat to every game, we like the idea of the university adopting a member of this endangered species.

Jan Palmer Groupies

Economics never was so sensational! Is there any other professor on campus who greets his students before class starts with Etta James and The Beatles? Not unless he is Jan Palmer. Oh sorry, did we say “greets”? We meant blasts. After all, that’s the volume at which he prefers to listen to opera, and at 9 a.m., no less. Economics may be confusing, but it pales in comparison to figuring out

the mystery that is Professor Palmer. How many horizontally striped shirts does he own? What does “Hey Jude” have to do with supply and demand? And how the heck does he run up those lecture hall steps so fast to call out chattering students? The world may never know. And in his own words, we’re all “copasetic” with that.

The Marching 110 Rocks My World!!!

If your favorite part of a home football game is halftime, this is the place for you. From the crazy formations to the wild dancing, the Marching 110 show us time and again there isn’t any better halftime entertainment out there. Diehard fans, members and alumni of “The most exciting band in the land” gather together in this Facebook group to show their pride.

Ohio University — America's Most Haunted Campus

This group examines all the spooky happenings at Ohio University that students and alumni talk about but few are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to experience. Haunted buildings are listed (almost all of them, it seems), and some members even share their own encounters with the supernatural — from the commonly known haunted hot spots (Wilson Hall and The Ridges) to the tale of a ghoul at Stroud’s Run. Just make sure to avoid this site when there’s a full moon.

Tattooed People of Ohio University

Some people come together over sports teams, music and movie tastes. The members in this group, however, bond over ink. Dedicated to students and alumni, “Tattooed People of Ohio University” allows Bobcats to share the stories and details behind their tattoos. Whether you’re covered from head to foot or have only one tat, this group is for you. No need to cover up your body art here! It’s even better if you’re sporting ink from one of the local establishments, Decorative Injections or Art Apocalypse Now. So which one of you with a Rufus tattoo is ready to join?

I Can't Live Without My OU Hoodie

Style, class, comfort — we’re talking about that college fashion staple, the Ohio University hoodie, of course! While some students consider their Ohio hoodie to be just another shirt in their closet, those in this Facebook group have much more of an appreciation, talking about their favorites and reminiscing the good times they’ve had in their hoodies. Member Elizabeth McCumbers sums it up best when she posts, “It’s comfy, it keeps me warm, and I still look good ’cuz I’m supporting OU!” Here, you can let the world know that the Ohio University hoodie is always and forever the way to go. Although we assume that the OU hoodie is not the right daily uniform for alumni who’ve transitioned to the workplace …

Wait, Where Do You Go to School? Oh. That Sucks. I Go to OU.

As if all these other groups aren’t proof enough of Ohio University’s status as the greatest university EVER, this group aims to make it official. If you’re an alum, you know the “sucks to be you” phenomenon this group is talking about. You’ve seen the look of shame on another person’s face when you tell them you attended Ohio University. Your friends cower at your college stories; nothing they say could possibly top your memories. Plain and simple, we all love Ohio University, and this is the place to celebrate it.

Everyday MacGyvers of Ohio University
The real MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson, attended Ohio University from 1970 through 1973. (And yes, we are prepared to cite our source.) Although he never graduated, his future exploits as MacGyver — the man who could build a functioning helicopter out of trash bags, sticks and a fan — went on to inspire the three alumni who are in this group. If you too believe you could stop a gas leak with a chocolate bar or fix a radiator with an egg, this may just be the group for you. But, judging from the small number of members in this group, not everyone can live up to the awesomeness that is MacGyver. Why not join and show them some love?

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