Point and Shoot

Lucifeatures takes first place

By Kandlyn Collins
Video by Lucifeatures

If comic books have taught us anything, it's that a superhero can take almost any shape or form. Maybe he wears a cape and leaps tall buildings in a single bound. Maybe she's an Amazon warrior in red boots. Or maybe, just maybe, he and his trusty pet walk the streets of Athens, breathing life and soul into the downtrodden passersby. This is the superhero that the members of Lucifeatures created for their winning film, "The Funkmaster," which took first place at this year's 48-hour Shootout.

The 48-hour Shootout is a rite of passage for many creative-minded students at Ohio University. The annual competition challenges students of all majors to work in teams to complete all aspects of producing a three- to five-minute film in the span of two days. This February, Lucifeatures was one of 25 teams vying to win the competition.

Teams are required to incorporate a line of dialogue, prop and genre into their films. Lucifeatures drew the genre of "superhero," a pet as a prop and "Let's remix this business" as a line of dialogue.

This year's shootout was just as stressful as those from past years, says Maggie Lawlor, a rising senior double majoring in media management and communication and producer for "The Funkmaster." "The hardest part is the inability to plan," she says.

Early in the process, the team experienced a setback when an idea inspired by "The Office" had to be scrapped. "As a group, we all agreed it was not telling a story with any sort of character progression," says P.J. McConnell, a rising junior majoring in video production and director of "The Funkmaster." "We decided to completely scrap the idea, which wasted a huge chunk of time."  

Despite the stressful nature of the competition, the group produced the best film it could — all while having fun, McConnell says.

"It is very easy for students to take themselves too seriously [in the competition]. ... As a crew we decided that we wanted to avoid that and just create a great video while having a fun time," McConnell says. "I was blessed to find that every person on the team brought a positive attitude and handled their part of production perfectly."